Graham lab paper makes cover of International Journal of Plant Sciences


IJPS cover OCt 2017

Patagonia is recognized for high bryophyte diversity as well as periodic exposure to UV radiation under the southern ozone hole. This photo shows a peat bog located on Navarino Island, XII Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica. Low-growing, light-green peat moss Sphagnum fimbriatum occurs amongst water pools, taller angiosperms, and the red peat moss S. magellanicum (not shown here). Graham, et al. report aseptic collection of S. fimbriatum leaves for metagenomic study and the use of four ribosomal markers to infer the occurrence of moss-associated prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbiota. Comparisons with microbiota reported for less-stressed peatlands provided evidence for resilience to stressors likely faced by early land plants and their microbiomes. Photograph by Marie T. Trest.

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