Affiliate Faculty


Richard Amasino

Richard M Amasino

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor
Department of Biochemistry
215B Biochemistry Addition
(608) 265-2170
web page
Regulation of plant development; mechanisms of floral induction
Johanne Brunet

Johanne Brunet

Associate Professor
Department of Entomology
646 Russell Laboratories
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Gene flow, pollination biology, evolutionary ecology, landscape genetics, evolution of plant mating systems.
Johanne Brunet

Ellen Damschen

Associate Professor
Department of Integrative Biology
451 Birge Hall
damschen [at]
web page
Ecosystem ecology, species distribution

Chris Todd Hittinger

Assistant Professor
Department of Genetics
425-G Henry Mall, 2434 Genetics/Biotechnology Center
(608) 890-2586
web page
Yeast biodiversity, evolutionary genomics, carbon metabolism, synthetic biology, brewing, biofuels.

David M Spooner

Department of Horiticulture
280 Moore Hall-Plant Sciences
(608) 262-1490
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Species boundaries and phylogenetic relationships of wild and cultivated potatoes (Solanum sect. Petota), tomatoes (Solanum sect. Lycopersicon), and carrots (Daucus) using morphological and molecular data; Germplasm collection from the natural ranges of these species.

Richard Lankau

Assistant Professor
Department of Plant Pathology
Russell Labs Rm 391B
(608) 262-3084
web page
How plant-associated microbial communities mediate individual plant health, abiotic stress tolerance, and susceptibility to disease in both natural and agricultural settings
Paul Zedler

Paul H. Zedler

Professor of Environmental Studies (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies)
Senior Scientist, UW Arboretum
115A Science Hall
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Ecology of shrublands, forests, prairies, and temporary wetlands; fire ecology; restoration and creation of habitat for endangered species; rare species monitoring; conservation and restoration in agricultural landscapes