Botany Faculty

  • Cécile Ané

    Ané, Cécile

    Professor of Botany and Statistics
    341 Birge Hall
    Molecular evolution, Statistical inference with phylogenetic sequence data, Computational biology
    Ané's Lab

  • David A. Baum

    Baum, David A.

    Professor of Botany
    340 Birge Hall
    Plant phylogenetics; conceptual issues in evolution and systematics; origin of life
    Baum's Lab

  • Ken Cameron

    Cameron, Kenneth M.

    Department Chair, Professor of Botany, and Director, WI State Herbarium (WIS)
    154 Birge Hall
    Systematics & Evolution of Orchidaceae, Smilacaceae, & tropical monocots; comparative morphology / anatomy, DNA barcoding, floristics, conservation
    Cameron's Lab

  • Eve Emshwiller

    Emshwiller, Eve

    Associate Professor of Botany
    321 Birge Hall
    Ethnobotany and systematics: domestication and evolution of crop plants; conservation of genetic diversity of crops and their wild relatives; evolution of polyploidy and of clonally-propagated crops
    Emshwiller's Lab

  • Donna E. Fernandez

    Fernandez, Donna E.

    Professor of Botany
    B215 Birge Hall
    Plant cell and developmental biology, molecular aspects of plant reproduction
    Fernandez's Lab

  • Simon Gilroy

    Gilroy, Simon

    Professor of Botany
    B117 Birge Hall
    Plant cell biology; signal transduction; lipid signaling; tip growth; tropisms
    Gilroy's Lab

  • Thomas J. Givnish

    Givnish, Thomas J.

    Henry Allan Gleason Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies
    315 Birge Hall
    Plant ecology and evolution; adaptive radiation and molecular systematics; phylogeography; physiological ecology; landscape dynamics.
    Givnish's Lab

  • Linda E. Graham

    Graham, Linda E.

    Professor of Botany
    211 Birge Hall
    Evolutionary origin of land plants, de novo genomic sequencing and metagenomics-based microbiomes of algae and plants, freshwater periphyton ecology
    Graham's Lab

  • Sara C. Hotchkiss

    Hotchkiss, Sara C.

    Professor of Botany & Bryson Professor of Climate, People, and Environment, Center for Climatic Research
    353 Birge Hall
    Studies of vegetation history, climate history, ecosystem response to climate change, disturbance and landscape dynamics, and paleoecology.
    Hotchkiss's Lab

  • Ken Keefover-Ring

    Keefover-Ring, Ken

    Assistant Professor of Botany and Geography
    B221 Birge Hall
    Chemical ecology, Plant secondary chemical variation, Plant-animal interactions, Herbivory, Pollination, Volatile organic compounds, Allelopathy, Plant competition, Analytical chemistry, Terpenoids, Phenylpropanoids
    Keefover-Ring's Lab

  • Bret Larget

    Larget, Bret

    Professor of Botany and Statistics
    241 Birge Hall
    Bayesian modeling of molecular evolution; develops statistical methods to analyze genetic data in order to estimate phylogenetic trees with expressions of uncertainty
    Larget's Lab

  • Hiroshi A. Maeda

    Maeda, Hiroshi A.

    Associate Professor of Botany
    Birge B217
    Plant biochemistry and physiology; Aromatic amino acid biosynthesis and its regulation; Plant metabolic engineering for human health and sustainable bioenergy production
    Maeda's Lab

  • Kate McCulloh portrait

    McCulloh, Kate

    Assistant Professor of Botany
    324 Birge Hall
    Whole-plant ecological physiology; long distance water transport; plant responses to drought and other abiotic stresses
    McCulloh's Lab

  • Marisa S. Otegui

    Otegui, Marisa S.

    Professor of Botany
    B119 Birge Hall and 401A Bock Labs
    Cell biology; intracellular membrane traffic; cytokinesis; endosperm development
    Otegui's Lab

  • Anne Pringle

    Pringle, Anne

    Associate Professor of Botany and Bacteriology
    Birge Hall B115 / MSB 3207
    cooperation, dispersal, evolution of aging, fungi, invasion biology, lichens, mutualism, mycorrhizal fungi, spores
    Pringle's Lab

  • Edgar P. Spalding

    Spalding, Edgar P.

    Professor of Botany
    B135 Birge Hall
    Transport of ions including auxin; photomorphogenesis; phenotype frameworks
    Spalding's Lab

  • Kenneth J. Sytsma

    Sytsma, Kenneth J.

    Professor of Botany
    250 Birge Hall
    Molecular systematics of vascular plants (Ericales, Myrtales, Onagraceae, Bromeliaceae, and Lamiaceae); Angiosperm Tree of Life; Biogeography; Adaptive radiations on islands
    Sytsma's Lab

  • Donald M. Waller

    Waller, Donald M.

    Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies
    232 Birge Hall
    Plant ecology /evolution; tracking long-term ecological change; effects of deer, nitrogen deposition, habitat fragmentation, and climate change; conservation biology and genetics; metapopulation / metacommunity dynamics
    Waller's Lab

  • Placeholder image for Alex Wiedenhoeft

    Wiedenhoeft, Alex

    Adjunct Associate Professor of Botany
    B229 Birge Hall
    608 231 9384
    botanical wood anatomy, biocentric wood science, forensic wood science

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