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The Wisconsin Botanical Information System (WBIS) is an online database of Wisconsin's vascular plant information and collected specimens. WBIS seeks to enter the collection label information for the over one million specimens in the Wisconsin State Herbarium and other herbaria in Wisconsin into a database system. At the present time, we have completed label data entry for approximately one-quarter of a million records, from ca. 77 vascular plant families plus all of the 297 taxa (4 Extirpated, 65 Endangered, 57 Threatened, and 171 Special Concern) listed on WI DNR's Bureau of Endangered Resources Wisconsin (BER) Natural Heritage Working List.

Notes on Searching:

  • The UW Herbarium specimen collection is in the process of being databased - some taxa are completed while others are not
  • Searches are not case sensitive
  • Searches for Scientific Name, Genus, Species and Collector are wildcarded at the END only. For example, typing "er" in the Genus field will result in a query which will select only genera starting with er -Erigeron, and not genera ending with er ---Aster. Collector's name format is Last, First M. or Last, F.M. - it is wildcarded at the end so "Last, First", "Last, F (note no period)", and "Last" yield the same results 
  • Data for Wisconsin or Federal rare plant specimens will not be returned if location information is requested below County level.
  • All criteria are combined with "AND"  so the more fields used the narrower the search.
  • To check nomenclature, refer to Wisconsin Vascular Plants name search.

Last Updated January 12, 2005

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