Research Resources


Rare Orchid State Herbarium
The Wisconsin State Herbarium, founded in 1849, contains Vascular Plant, Lichen, Parasitic Fungi, and Bryophyte herbaria, as well as an Herbarium Library. It contains over 1,000,000 specimens, including the world's largest collection of Wisconsin plants.
Plant Growth Facility Plant Growth Facilities
The 8,000 square foot Greenhouse complex attached to Birge Hall houses plants from around the world, maintained for lab, classroom, research, and conservation of rare and endangered species. Several Titan Arum blooms have attracted thousands of visitors.
Plant Imaging Center Newcomb Imaging Center
The Newcomb Imaging Center features state-of-the-art microscopes for imaging whole organisms down to single molecules. Capabilities include super-resolution (Zeiss Elyra), confocal (Zeiss LSM780 and LSM510), environmental SEM (FEI Quanta 200), and fluorescent sample imaging at lower magnification (Zeiss AxioZoom).
pel logo Plant Ecology Lab
Wisconsin Plant Ecology Laboratory (PEL) sets the standard in ecology and natural history research.
Arboretum Arboretum
Widely recognized as the site of historic research in ecological restoration, the Arboretum (a center within the UW Graduate School) includes one of the oldest and most varied collections of restored ecological communities in the world.
lily Botany Art Studio
The Botany Studio provides artwork for faculty, staff and students of the UW-Department of Botany.